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GFP Letters Sept  2003

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Deception Dollars


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911 Encyclopedia

Ewing2001 Has compiled a comprehensive list of links an articles pertaining to 911.

This is required reading for anyone interested in understanding that horrid day ESPECIALLY since the presstitutes refuse to their job.


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Bush's "Project for a New American Century"

Was 9/11 a Hoax?

Diving up the Spoils of War

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Was Kelly assassinated for "pulling the plug"

The Forged Intelligence on Iraq

Who's Who on the 9/11 "Independent" Commission

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CIA closed friend with the finanzsystem of Al-Quida!


Letters to the editor: Asking the UN for help?

posted by ewing2001 on Monday September 15, @03:26PM
from the Letters dept. dissent

Laurie Manis writes

No WMD's have been found. No links to Al Qaeda or the events of 9/11 have been found. Saddam has not been found.

The Administration has been forced to admit that evidence used to justify the invasion of Iraq was forged and plagiarized.

Our fine kids serving in the military still are being killed. The ones who return never will be the same.

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Letters to the editor: Questions about Bush's warmongering

posted by admin on Tuesday September 09, @02:15AM
from the Tonie61 dept. dissent

By Tonie61

"Big bro 43, 1st non-elected resident of the white house, are you a serial liar, or are you the “leader of the free world who doesn’t do nuances”, or a puppet dangling at the whims of your PNAC masters?

In the presidential debates, whoever the Democrat is--let’s say Kerry; should use some of these as talking points regarding Bush’s warmongering. As he makes each question, he should have a small placard behind him summarizing the point. He has to do the Columbo thing of asking open-ended questions, luring him in, and then snaring him into the trap. As Bush speaks he must use the same poster saying, “Typical, insider, political double-speak” as none of Bush’s answers matter.

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Letters to the editor: Will U.S. experience a major oil scandal?

posted by admin on Monday July 07, @09:04AM
from the dept. OIL

Anonymous writes "After reading an interesting article named, "GFP: War in Africa was planned for years", it greatly raised our suspicion of our government's activity. I realize that a lot of us never suspect that oil is becoming that important to the political elites' interests and wealths. I am now becoming more certain that there is something more than "war against terrorism is always about oil".

The article leads me to believe that oil may be a major factor for giving a birth to NAFTA, starting totally unexpected mass immigration into America in 1990s, creating major Middle East wars, giving U.S. foreign policy a major hijacker, breaking so many domestic and international laws, creating first-time offensive attack, negotiating with other oil-rich countries, advertisment/sales of SUVs and raising speed limit throughout U.S. (I have not studied stocks of oil/gas companies yet. I just want to give you my opinion)

For example, U.S. is letting too many legal and illegal immigrants in because so they could pay gas for their trips. That would generate a profit for oil companies. Maybe invisible profits for some certain groups?

Federal speed limit was removed in 1990s. Speed limit now belongs to states' responsiblities. A lot of speed limits around U.S.(except New York)were already raised. That also helped making more money for the oil companies.

U.S. government was permitting a large amount of SUVs, gas guzzlers, to be sold so gas/oil profit can be raised because of cheaper fuel.

Remedy to oil-related chaos/abusal: Return to 1970s system. Be energy conservative, using alternative fossil fuel like solar power, nuclear power, wind power, hydrogen fuel, etc., lower speed limit back to 55 MPH nationally, raise gas prices to conserve consumption,take a large portion from Defense budget to buy solar panels for eligible homeowners - starting with poverty level families, and establish a goal to be more environment friendly.

I think that it may be a way to eliminate wars, special benefits for elites, Caryle Group, etc., illegal authorities, growth of defense research funds, excessive defense spending, mass deception, and others."

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Letters to the editor: A letter to my family and friends... from Zhade

posted by admin on Sunday June 29, @05:10PM
from the reader-letters dept. dissent

It's time I spoke up with my own words. I cannot remain silent anymore, even if it costs me personally. All I hope is that my words don't fall on deaf ears, and that my concerns are not just brushed off. I have been personally affected by what is happening, and I want others to know what I feel.

I am afraid. Everyday I step out into a world unlike anything I ever thought truly possible - a world of my worst fears. If only I could convince myself that I was afraid of shadows, I could then ignore that quiet voice inside that sees the things I wish were not there.

America is no longer the land of the free.

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Letters to the editor: Open letter to Congress demanding Investigaton of WMD Lies

posted by admin on Friday June 20, @07:24AM
from the letters-to-the-editor dept. WMD

David R. Thompson writes "Dear Members of Congress and United States Senate:

I hope that you are not naïve enough or callus enough to believe that I just recently fell off the turnip truck, or that the rest of your collective constituents are too dull or disinterested to know that somebody is lying about who knew the what’s and when’s about weapons of mass destruction allegedly possessed by that ‘Booger of Baghdad’, Saddam Hussein!

There is something unusual about this whole affair (specifically, concerning the veracity of the White House with regard to just what was the evidence suggesting that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction) and the manner in which this information was communicated to the American public and the rest of the world. People that do not usually share the same political opinions are discussing it and demanding answers.

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Cost of the War in Iraq

"The liberty of a democracy is not safe if the people tolerate the growth of private power to a point where it becomes stronger than their democratic State itself. That, in its essence, is Fascism — ownership of government by an individual, by a group or by any controlling private power."

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