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911 Encyclopedia

Ewing2001 Has compiled a comprehensive list of links an articles pertaining to 911.

This is required reading for anyone interested in understanding that horrid day ESPECIALLY since the presstitutes refuse to their job.


News at the GFP-911 Archive

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War on Iraq: What Team Bush Doesn't Want You To Know
By William Rivers Pitt

The Greatest Sedition Is Silence:
Four Years in America




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Global Outlook

Red Tape: Bush discussed Bin Laden Killing Plan on Sep 4th, '01

posted by ewing2001 on Wednesday June 25, @01:51AM
from the AP dept. News

AP Breaking

Armed drones set to seek out bin Laden before 9/11

"...Top administration officials discussed the mission to kill bin Laden as late as one week before the suicide attacks on New York and Washington, but they had not yet resolved a debate over whether the CIA or the Pentagon should operate the armed Predators and whether the missiles would be sufficiently lethal, officials told The Associated Press.

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Iraqgate UK- Straw: "Campbell behind 'dodgy dossier'"

posted by ewing2001 on Wednesday June 25, @01:45AM
from the Independent-UK dept. News

Straw lays blame on Campbell for 'dodgy' dossier

By Paul Waugh, Deputy Political Editor, Independent

25 June 2003

Alastair Campbell commissioned a Downing Street dossier on Iraq that proved to be "a very great embarrassment" to Government, Jack Straw admitted yesterday.

The Foreign Secretary told a Commons inquiry - an inquiry Mr Campbell faces today - that Tony Blair's director of communications was behind the "dodgy dossier". Part of the report, published in February, had been plagiarised from 12-year-old academic research on Iraq.

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Iraqgate: Byrd calls for an investigation

posted by ewing2001 on Tuesday June 24, @10:17AM
from the Reuters/MSNBC dept. News


Tue June 24, 2003

"If we are going to hit first, based on perceived dangers, the perceptions had better be accurate," Sen. Robert Byrd, a West Virginia Democrat, said on the Senate floor.

"Whether or not intelligence reports were bent, stretched, or massaged to make Iraq look like an imminent threat to the United States, it is clear that the administration's rhetoric played upon the well-founded fear of the American public about future acts of terrorism," he said.

( Read More... )

Ex-CIA McGovern compares Bush with Goebbels

posted by ewing2001 on Tuesday June 24, @01:55AM
from the Counterpunch dept. News

New Interview with VIPS-member Ray McGovern: "Investigative reporting... is a thing of the past"


June 23, 2003

Washington Lied

An Interview with Ray McGovern -By MARC PRITZKE

The US Senate Intelligence Committee this week began hearings on the dispute over the search for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. What do you expect will come of this?

Nothing. The committee chairman, Republican Pat Roberts, has already refused to ask the FBI to investigate allegations that Iraq has tried to obtain uranium from Niger. This, despite the fact that in making these allegations, administration officials knowingly relied on crudely forged documents.

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New York: Protest against Bush and Iraq-Lie

posted by ewing2001 on Tuesday June 24, @01:32AM
from the Xinhuanet dept. News

When New Yorkers have to look for their real news in China...

NEW YORK, June 23 (Xinhuanet) --

New Yorkers protest against Bush's Iraq policy

Hundreds of demonstrators took to the streets on Monday in downtown Manhattan to protest against US President George W. Bush's obsession with war on Iraq and occupation of the country to the neglect of domestic issues such as education, health care and employment.

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Australian Newspaper: "A mission in Iraq built on a lie"! *wow*

posted by admin on Monday June 23, @05:29PM
from the smh.com.au dept. Iraq

06/24 04:32 GMTJune 16 2003

When Bush wondered what to do about September 11 an ultra-right lobby group was there to tell him, writes Robert Manne.

It is gradually becoming transparent that the endlessly repeated claim used to justify the invasion of Iraq - that Saddam Hussein possessed a vast arsenal of weapons of mass destruction - was false.

The 200 most plausible sites for the storage of such weapons have been inspected. Many of the most senior military, intelligence and scientific figures in the regime have been captured and interrogated. Yet not one weapon of mass destruction has so far been found.

The spurious justification constitutes, in my opinion, one of the greatest foreign policy scandals involving Western governments since 1945.

It is surely imperative for all those who care about democracy - whether or not they supported the war - to try to discover an explanation for the deception and the true causes of what has occurred.


( Read More... | War )

Jimmy Breslin (Newsday) : "Ashcroft turns Patriot Act into Fascism"

posted by ewing2001 on Monday June 23, @01:44PM
from the Newsday dept. Bush

A Fate Sealed Under Secrecy

Jimmy Breslin -NEWSDAY - June 22, 2003

"...I am thinking that it could be time for me to begin thinking about leaving this news business. It is not mine anymore. Let me tell you why..."

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IraqGate UK: Campbell will face WMD inquiry

posted by ewing2001 on Monday June 23, @12:29AM
from the Guardian dept. News

Campbell to face WMD inquiry after all

Press Association -Monday June 23, 2003 -Guardian

Alastair Campbell will now appear before a Commons committee investigating claims that the public was misled in the run-up to the war on Iraq, Downing Street announced today.

The appearance of Whitehall's chief spin doctor - Tony Blair's director of communications and strategy - at the foreign affairs select committee inquiry marks a u-turn by Downing Street.

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IraqGate- Chuck Hagel: "Bush admin credibility at stake"

posted by ewing2001 on Sunday June 22, @12:19PM
from the AP dept. News

Bush administration credibility at stake on WMD question, says GOP Sen. Hagel

By Jennifer C. Kerr, Associated Press/Boston Globe, 6/22/2003

WASHINGTON (AP) The question of Iraq's weapons of mass destruction has left a cloud over the Bush administration's credibility that won't be removed until Americans know whether the administration was straightforward with them, a Republican member of the Senate Intelligence Committee said Sunday.

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IraqGate: Judith Miller (NY Times) Under Attack For Fabrications

posted by ewing2001 on Sunday June 22, @10:45AM
from the TheAge dept. Bush

Miller's obscure ties with Chalabi and "Dark Winter"

The Age

US war reporter under fire

June 22 2003 -By Christopher Reed

A reporter for The New York Times, Judith Miller, is the target of claims that she and her newspaper have been the vehicle for White House and Pentagon "propaganda" over Iraq's possession of weapons of mass destruction.

Miller, a Pulitzer Prize winner and co-author of a best-seller on biological warfare, is a hawk in the United States media coverage of Iraq's alleged weapons possession.


Miller's star status, frequent TV appearances and her newspaper's position as the daily US news agenda-setter, made her reports crucial to the war debate.

But her work has been attacked in The Washington Post, the New York Observer, The Nation magazine, the influential Washington newsletter CounterPunch, and independent weapons think tanks in Washington, such as the Arms Control Association.

Its executive director, Daryl Kimball, said: "The Times and Miller accepted shaky information from official sources that they should have known was questionable. In fact, it was propaganda."

Miller was unavailable for comment.

The Judith Miller- Ahmed Chalabi (INC)- affair

Intra-Times Battle Over Iraqi Weapons (washingtonpost.com)
... Ahmed Chalabi, leader of the Iraqi National Congress and Times source. ... An internal
e-mail by Judith Miller, the paper's top reporter on bioterrorism ...
www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/articles/ A39280-2003May25.html - Similar pages

... should be going after writer Judith Miller, who in an ... a broad range of sources, Miller
relied on ... partisan intelligence provided by one Ahmed Chalabi - the long ...
www.ruminatethis.com/archives/001378.html - 16k - Cached - Similar pages

FAIR MEDIA ADVISORY: Troubles at the Times: Beyond Blair
... The Times' Judith Miller has been ... colleague, John Burns, revealed that controversial
Iraqi opposition figure Ahmed Chalabi has, in Miller's words, "provided ...
www.fair.org/press-releases/times-blair.html - 9k - Cached - Similar pages

... people at the New York Times that hate Judith Miller, because someone ... from ultra-sensitive
elite military sources, but from Ahmed Chalabi (the controversial ...
www.phaedo.blogspot.com/2003_05_25_phaedo_archive.html - 11k - Cached - Similar pages

Scoop: How Saddam Brought Down the Mother of All Editors
... Only Judith Miller’s contribution withstood scrutiny. ... Saddam at Augusta, she did
produce the phone number of a caddy who once carried Ahmed Chalabi’s bag ...
www.scoop.co.nz/mason/stories/HL0306/S00074.htm - 27k - Cached - Similar pages

Susan Lenfestey: In WMD debate, don't ignore role of Times and an ...
... debate: the credibility given to Ahmed Chalabi by the ... Chalabi also found a receptive
audience at the ... by the Washington Post, reporter Judith Miller wrote to ...
www.startribune.com/stories/562/3931073.html - 31k - Cached - Similar pages

AlterNet: War on Iraq: News Log: Chalabi cited as secret source ...
... Judith Miller's controversial columns for the New York Times cited unnamed (and
admittedly ... was none other than CIA and Pentagon buddy Ahmed Chalabi, who also ...
www.alternet.org/waroniraq/2003/05/000910.html - 18k - Cached - Similar pages

truthout - Pentagon Accused of Disinformation
... Judith Miller, bio-terrorism specialist for the same paper, who, without warning
him, had just published an article on the formerly exiled Iraqi Ahmed Chalabi, ...
truthout.org/docs_03/053003G.shtml - 12k - Cached - Similar pages

... Some examples: --The Times' Judith Miller has been responsible ... that controversial
Iraqi opposition figure Ahmed Chalabi has, in Miller's words, "provided ...
buffaloreport.com/articles/030610fair.times.html - 16k - Cached - Similar pages

IHT: Only some see Chalabi as successor to Saddam
... Judith Miller, Michael Moss and Lowell Bergman NYT Friday, April 11, 2003. A joyous
Ahmed Chalabi held a rally in the town of An Nasiriyah in southern Iraq to ...
www.iht.com/articles/92863.htm - 13k - Cached - Similar pages

IraqGate: Judith Miller (NY Times) Under Attack For Fabrications

posted by ewing2001 on Sunday June 22, @10:45AM
from the TheAge dept. Bush

Miller's obscure ties with Chalabi and "Dark Winter"

The Age

US war reporter under fire
June 22 2003 -By Christopher Reed

A reporter for The New York Times, Judith Miller, is the target of claims that she and her newspaper have been the vehicle for White House and Pentagon "propaganda" over Iraq's possession of weapons of mass destruction.

Miller, a Pulitzer Prize winner and co-author of a best-seller on biological warfare, is a hawk in the United States media coverage of Iraq's alleged weapons possession.
Judith Miller was also part of "Dark Winter"


"...As regards New York, there is another element involved in germ warfare operations. Actually, a multi-million dollar bunker - serving as a command and control center in the event of a biological attack - was set up at 7 World Trade Center at the direction of Rudolph Giuliani, who also oversaw the mass spraying of malathion over the boroughs of New York City when the West Nile Virus hit town a few summers previously. The man Giuliani placed in charge of that operation, Jerry Hauer, also happened to be the man who found John O'Neill the position at the World Trade Center, as well as being the one who - by his own admission - identified O'Neill's body.

Moreover, there has been a widespread campaign on to link the threat of al-Qaida with that of a mass biological attack. At least the day after September 11, the link - as the Anthrax mailings had yet to arise - was not so apparent. Yet on PBS' Frontline, the New York Times' Judith Miller (no apparent relation to John Miller, as far as I'm aware), accompanied by the New York Times' James Risen, was interviewed as an expert on al-Qaida. Several weeks later, Judith Miller would once more make the headlines as the apparent recipient of an anthrax mailing which turned out to be a false alarm - yet was all the same conveniently timed with the well-publicized launching of her book on...germ warfare.

As was later discovered, the anthrax mailings petered out once the news leaked that a DNA test revealed the material to be of the Ames strain of anthrax, an agent synthesized out of a CIA laboratory in Fort Detrick, Maryland. Nevertheless, this was sufficient to fast-track Bioport's exclusive license for the anthrax vaccine toward FDA approval. Formerly, Bioport's experimental anthrax vaccine was being forcibly administered - under threat of court-martial - to hundreds of thousands of American servicemen (in conformity with Bioport's exclusive and lucrative contract with the Department of Defense).

Incidentally, Judith Miller, along with Jerry Hauer, was among 17 "key" participants in a biowarfare exercise known as "Dark Winter" - a think tank-funded scenario that aimed to study the nationwide effects of a hypothetical smallpox outbreak. One of the sponsors of that exercise was the Anser Institute of Homeland Security, an organization established before September 11, 2001. Interestingly enough, the curious phrase "homeland security" was starting to creep up with increasing frequency in the vocabularies of certain political cliques (Dick Cheney, the Hart-Rudman Commission, et al.) in the year or two leading up to 9/11..."

Kerry: "Bush 'Misled Every One Of Us" | IraqGate- Chuck Hagel: "Bush admin credibility at stake"  >


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