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GFP Investigative Aug  2003

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911 Encyclopedia

Ewing2001 Has compiled a comprehensive list of links an articles pertaining to 911.

This is required reading for anyone interested in understanding that horrid day ESPECIALLY since the presstitutes refuse to their job.



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Was Kelly assassinated for "pulling the plug"

The Forged Intelligence on Iraq

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CIA closed friend with the finanzsystem of Al-Quida!


25 November -  3 December 2003

Iraq: The Truth on the Convoy which was attacked while driving through Samara  

The Rise of a New Dictatorship in Iraq , Firas Al-Atraqchi

The FTAA Protests: This is What Democracy Looks Like in Miami, Al Crespo

Enforcing Globalization: New World Order Weapons, John Valleau

Police State in America: Bush’s Operation Clean Sweep: World War IV in 2004? John Stanton

Manipulating Pathologic Evidence: The David Kelly Story: Turning Murder into Suicide, Rowena Thursby

The Legend of 9/11: Coincidence or Conspiracy: The Tale of The Millennial Bomber, Chaim Kupferberg

Assassination of Reuters Cameraman, who had uncovered evidence of Mass US Casualties in Iraq, Felicity Arbuthnot

Legal Scam in Denmark: Danish government lawyers removed preconditions for invasion of Iraq, Coilín Oscar ÓhAiseadha

Le Général Franks doute que la Constitution survive à une attaque aux ADM (armes de destruction massive) , John O. Edwards

Who’s Holding All the Cards?... The Bipartisan War Agenda, Michel Chossudovsky & Ian Woods

Being "Against the War" is now a "Terrorist Act": FBI Targets Anti-War Activists

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Did Powell Mislead The Nation As Well? Apparently...

posted by admin on Saturday August 09, @11:13AM
from the ap.tbo.com dept. WMD

Point by Point, a Look Back at a 'thick' File, a Fateful Six Months Later The Most Detailed U.S. Case for Invading Iraq Was Laid

UPDATED: Washington Post weighs in...

Click to view full size image
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Published: Aug 9, 2003

On a Baghdad evening last February, in a stiflingly warm conference room high above the city's streets, Iraqi bureaucrats, European envoys and foreign reporters crowded before a half dozen television screens to hear the reading of an indictment.

"There are many smoking guns," Colin Powell would say afterward.

For 80 minutes in a hushed U.N. Security Council chamber in New York, the U.S. secretary of state unleashed an avalanche of allegations: The Iraqis were hiding chemical and biological weapons, were secretly working to make more banned arms, were reviving their nuclear bomb project. He spoke of "the gravity of the threat that Iraq's weapons of mass destruction pose to the world."

It was the most comprehensive presentation of the U.S. case for war. Powell marshaled what were described as intercepted Iraqi conversations, reconnaissance photos of Iraqi sites, accounts of defectors, and other intelligence sources.

The defectors and other sources went unidentified. The audiotapes were uncorroborated, as were the photo interpretations. No other supporting documents were presented. Little was independently verifiable.

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911Archive (Pt.4)

posted by ewing2001 on Monday August 04, @12:11PM
from the GFP dept.

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911Archive (Pt.3)

posted by ewing2001 on Tuesday July 22, @08:22AM
from the GFP dept.

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911Archive (Pt.2)

posted by ewing2001 on Tuesday July 22, @06:30AM
from the GFP dept.

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911Archive (Pt.1)

posted by ewing2001 on Tuesday July 22, @05:56AM
from the GFP dept.

911 Archive

Another attempt to archive every many investigative angles of the Sep11th story.

The goal was to strictly organise it alphabetically, which might be impossible.We decided now to start another archive as a developing series, based on the latest google-results related to "911Skeptics Unite-the encyclopedia". The results will be soon moved into an own section, "911Archive".

To be continued...

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Cost of the War in Iraq

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Latest updates:
Dec 19: three election officials in Haifa Street, Baghdad
Dec 19: 12-14 in suicide bomb attack on bus station, Karbala
Dec 25: dentistry professor in Haifa Street, Baghdad
Dec 26: civil defence force officer and bodyguard, Al-Baya, Baghdad
Dec 28: deputy governor of Anbar province in Ramadi
Dec 28: twelve police executed in Dijla
Dec 26: Democratic Party of the Iraqi Nation in Baghdad
Dec 24: eight in gas tanker explosion, Mansur, Baghdad
Dec 25: local council member and friend or relative, Taji
Dec 24: member of Muslim Clerics Association in Baghdad
Dec 23: policeman in Al-Mamun district, west Baghdad
Dec 25: interpreter and wife near Mosul
Dec 17: driver of foreigners' car, western Mosul
Dec 16: director of telecommunications company, Baghdad
Dec 15: Police captain in Salaheddin province
Dec 14: four police near Salman Pak
Dec 15: three by roadside bomb in Moqdadia
Dec 15: Ten by bomb near Imam Hussein mosque, Karbala
Dec 13: 12 or 13 in suicide bombing, Green Zone, Baghdad
Dec 14: Provincial council member in Shefa, Mosul
Dec 11: two police officers in Saidiyah, Baghdad
Dec 11: two police in Ash Sharqat
Oct 09: three in crossfire near Youssifiyah
Dec 13: truck driver near Mosul
Dec 13: child in crossfire in Samarra
Sep 09-12: fifty-five in fighting in Tal Afar
Dec 11: one by car bomb in Mosul
Dec 11: Shiite cleric in Shula, Baghdad
Dec 10: Shiite cleric near Mahmudiyah
Dec 04: two motorists in Al-Jamaa, Baghdad
Oct 05: driver of Kurdish militiamen near Baquba
Dec 10: Judge and another civilian in fighting in Ramadi
Dec 10: one in car hit by mortar shell in Samarra
Dec 10: two police in Azamiyah, Baghdad
Dec 09: three by mortars near Italian Embassy, Baghdad
Dec 08: 3 workers for Hezbollah movement, Al-Shula, Baghdad

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